Personal recommendation is so important when you are considering private English tuition. It is very reassuring to know that others have been delighted with the support they have received from me. Here are a few comments made by my students and their parents:



Parent of IGCSE student

My daughter was finding English Literature increasingly difficult during Year 10. Her lack of detailed understanding and appreciation of the set texts resulted in disappointing exam and coursework results. She felt demoralised and did not enjoy the subject.

On recommendation from a friend, I signed my daughter up to weekly English tuition with Sarah Egan at the start of Year 11. The transformation was almost immediate. Not only is Sarah is an absolute expert in her subject but she is also incredibly friendly, positive and encouraging. This crucial combination gave my daughter the confidence to explore her set texts in greater detail. Her marks improved throughout the year and she genuinely looked forward to her weekly tutorials.

Sarah ensured that my daughter was fully prepared for her IGCSE exams and her fantastic results say it all – 9 for English Language and 8 for English Literature. She has chosen English Literature as an A Level option, something she would never have considered a year ago.

I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah. She has done so much for my daughter.



Parent of IGCSE student

Just to let you know my daughter got 9s for both her English exams!! Thank you so much for all your help!! Her lessons with Sarah were always both educational and enjoyable. Thanks to Sarah, my daughter achieved a 9 in both English Literature and English Language GCSE.

We would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone looking to improve their English skills and confidence. She has been an amazing and inspirational teacher and we are very grateful for all her help and encouragement.


Jane (parent of IGCSE student)

Just to let you know that my daughter got 9s in both literature and language so thank you so much for all your help in achieving such splendid results. She’s extremely happy! – and is looking forward to moving onto English at A level. Thanks for all your great support of my daughter.



Parent of IGCSE student

We are over the moon and can’t thank you enough for everything you did to help our daughter….. English Language 9; English Literature 8. Wow!!! She wouldn’t have achieved that without your help! Huge, huge thanks.



Parent of A-Level English student

Thank you so much Sarah! My son has got in to his first choice uni! He’s elated and we’re very proud. He mentioned how lots he knows didn’t get their first choice or even an offer due to their personal statements / interviews so again, thank you so very much for your involvement and help. You’re absolutely marvellous!



Millie (studying A-Level English)

I got an A in English and an A* in my EPQ! Thank you so much for all your support over all my time in secondary education, and especially over the past two years! I really couldn’t have done it without you, and I really did enjoy our sessions tremendously.



Ros (parent of A-Level English student)

We’re so pleased and proud of our son: an A is wonderful! Thank you so much for making it possible.

Not only did you teach him English, you gave him the tools to write well in any subject, and taught him how to study and organise his work. Your enthusiasm for English and love of literature will stay with him for ever!



Sarah-Jane (parent of A-Level English student)

Sarah’s enthusiasm and experience in bringing the best out in her students is inspiring ! Each session our daughter grew in confidence and content knowledge. She always felt able to ask questions and each session build on the last so key skills were mastered and delivered in a supportive and friendly environment. Sarah’s lessons are fun! Her teaching is relevant, targeted to improve weak spots and build on strengths. I’d recommend Sarah Egan to any parent looking to build a love of learning in students taking English IGCSE or GCE A level. Her passion is infectious and results speak for themselves.



Sophie (studying A-level English)

Mrs Egan’s passion for English Literature is infectious and her unwavering support and encouragement cannot be matched. It is due to her outstanding level of tuition that I improved from a C grade to an A grade in A-level English Literature and I could not be more grateful.



Joyce (parent of A-Level English student)

Thank you so much for all your guidance and support in both, helping my son with his English Lit A levels and his Personal statement. He progressed so much in the short time he had with you. You have made the lessons enjoyable too which ultimately helped him make his University subject choice – you guessed right – English Literature! Thank you once again.



IGCSE English Student

I got a 9 in English Language and an A in Literature. Thank you very much for your help; it definitely made a big difference.



Reece (studying A-level English)

My last year has been amazing. Not only is she an amazing teacher but her kindness and passion towards the subject are incredible. I know that without Sarah the grades I obtained would not be possible. Thank you so much!!



Bernice (studying A-level English)

English tuition with Sarah was not only extremely helpful with my A-level studies but was also so much fun! I looked forward to my lessons every week and I don’t think I would have had the success I did without it! I did truly love our time together and would like to thank you again for all of your help!



Parent of A-Level English student

Thank you very much for being a great, dedicated and kind teacher for our daughter- we could not have dreamed of a better one. We certainly won’t hesitate to recommend you to any of our friends. You’re the best.



Peter (parent of IGCSE English student)

My daughter lost confidence with her abilities in English, having always been good at the subject. Mrs Egan helped my daughter to believe in herself with 1:1 Skype sessions and with this support she gained back her self-confidence and gained an A*.



Millie (studying IGCSE English)

Thank you so much for tutoring me in English this past year. Your energy and enthusiasm ignited a newfound depth of passion within me for the subject, and never failed to bring a sense of excitement to each lesson. Your encouraging words inspired me with the confidence I needed to whole-heartedly tackle the final exams, as well as providing me with the drive and determination to achieve my full potential. I have just got my results and am absolutely thrilled to have got A*’s in both Language and Literature! I couldn’t have done it without you.



Amelia (studying IGCSE English)

I got an A* in both English language and literature! I’m so happy! Thank you so much for all your help! I couldn’t have done it without you!



Tabitha (studying IGCSE English)

Thank you so, so much! You have changed my life! You have given me the opportunity to do anything. I’m so, so proud of what I got!



Harvey (studying IGCSE English)

I got an A in English Language and an A in English Literature. Thanks for your help in tutoring. It has really paid off.



Ellie (studying IGCSE English)

I am extremely happy with my results and wouldn’t have received such great grades without your help. Thank you very much for the lessons, which helped very much! The lessons gave me more knowledge and helped build my confidence.



Michelle (parent of IGCSE English student)

Thought I would let you know we have had a fantastic set of results for my daughter today: A in both English! We are thrilled! Thank you for all your help earlier in the year.



Emma (parent of IGCSE English student)

Thank you SO much for all your extra help with my daughter and her English. Without your help, she would never have got 2 A*’s!



Lorraine (parent of IGCSE English student)

My son got A* in English Language and an A in English Literature. Amazing result. He is on fire with it. Well done you!



Paula (parent of IGCSE English student)

He did it! My son got his grade in English. Thank you so much for all your help.



Chantal (parent of IGCSE English student)

Thank you for all of your tutoring. My daughter would not have achieved anything without you.



Minnie (studying A-level English)

Thank you for the amazing help you’ve given me this year. I honestly don’t think that I would have achieved an A without those revision sessions!



Lucy (studying A-level English)

I’m really happy! Thank you for all your help and a fantastic time at tutoring!



Vicky (studying A-level English)

Many thanks to you and your endless support!!



Jade (UCAS Personal Statement)

You have helped me so much. I was stuck at a dead end with my personal statement and you gave it such sparkle and that edge I was looking for. I am so grateful and absolutely thrilled with how it looks now.

UPDATE:Thank you for your amazing help and support with my Personal Statement. I have since been for an interview and have just been offered a place on the course! So thank you for helping me to battle through about 400 applicants to get one of only 25 places on this course. I couldn’t have made it this far without your incredible skills and vision. Thank you for making this possible for me. I will always be grateful!



Orla (studying A-level English)

I just wanted to let you know the outcome of my English A-Level. I was so pleased to find out I received an A* in my English A2! I wanted to sincerely thank you for your help in the run up to the exams. Your help was invaluable and your method of teaching is fantastic. You helped me focus in on small points about my essay writing and your help tweaking and editing essays really made the difference. Your support throughout the year made English such an enjoyable subject and I can’t thank you enough for being such a positive and inspiring person throughout the stresses of sixth form.



Aisling (studying IGCSE English)

Just got my results and I thought I would say a massive thank you! With your help after the mock, looking over my paper with me, I got an A* in both Language and Literature! I could not have done it without you. Thank you so much! Honestly, I could not have improved so much without the extra help you gave me!



Enya, Ellie, Jasmine, Anna & Emily (studying IGCSE English)

You’ll be delighted to know we all achieved A’s and A*’s in English Language and it’s all thanks to you. We couldn’t have done it without you and your amazing teaching.



Charlotte T (studying A-Level English)

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help and support, this year especially. I just wanted to let you know that I secured my place at university to study English Literature, getting an A* in English Lit, to which I owe a huge amount of thanks to you and your incredible teaching! It was your passion and support that inspired me to take the subject at A-level, so really thank you!



Ruby (studying A-Level English)

Today I got my results and achieved an A* in English Literature. I have to say that it wouldn’t have been possible without you helping me along – you gave me so much confidence in myself and I knew that if I just followed through with your structure points and tips I would be alright, and that’s exactly where I am now.



Jess (studying A-Level English)

I got into my chosen university! I was looking into what I got in the exam and I only dropped 2 marks!!! I’m honestly not quite sure how I managed that but it is mostly down to you. Thank you so, so much!



Julia (parent of IGCSE English student)
Mrs Egan is a delight and a perfect role model. My daughter was so inspired by Mrs Egan that she has even considered becoming an English teacher! Nothing was too much trouble. The tutorials flew by; English has never been so enjoyable. Her track record is amazing. She gets fantastic results and encourages all students to achieve their personal best. Mrs Egan is so very knowledgeable in her subject and is genuinely passionate about teaching English. Her enthusiasm to share this wealth of knowledge is second to none.



Sophie and Orla (Studying A-Level English)

Mrs Egan has recently helped us to identify the areas in our essays which need development, such as form and structure. We worked on these areas by discussing and noting down points related to them. We also discussed how to react to the exam questions (choosing the best question) and wrote essay plans. Her tutoring has helped significantly, both improving our ability to understand and react to an essay question quickly, as well as increasing our understanding of the exam texts. This was due to the informal discussions where we were able to share ideas.



Jess, Evie, Charlotte and Siena (Studying A-Level English)

Mrs Egan helped us immensely when revising for our A-levels. She broke down our work to make it feel much more manageable and made us feel a lot more confident about the exam. She helped us work through a strong essay structure which can be applied easily to any essay question.



Charlotte (Studying A-Level English)

When your teacher believes in you, it makes all the difference. She helped me to achieve a Grade A at A-Level and I was so delighted with my result. Thank you.