About Sarah Egan
Your Online English Tutor

My Career & Experience

I am a specialist in IGCSE and GCSE English Language and Literature with 30 years’ experience. I have taught English exclusively throughout my career, comprising 14 years in the United Kingdom comprehensive school system, 12 years in private schools and 4 years as an independent Private Tutor of English. In addition, I worked as an examiner for the AQA examination board. I am the creator of The DQE Method for Reading: a systematic process which empowers the student to analyse a written text in order to address questions posed in English examinations. I am also a Member of The Tutors’ Association (TTA), the United Kingdom government-recognised professional body for tutoring.

My experience, qualifications and teaching of English is extensive and is summarised below:

  • 30 years’ teaching experience of GCSE/ IGCSE Language and Literature, Speaking and Listening Assessments and KS2/KS3 English
  • 24 years’ teaching experience of A-Level English Literature
  • 24 years’ experience of UCAS Personal Statements
  • MA in English Literature from Oxford Brookes University
  • BA Honours 2:1 in English Literature from University of Wales Trinity St David
  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education from Worcester University
  • Examiner for GCSE English Language and A-Level English Literature
  • Expertise and experience with EDEXCEL A-Level English Literature
  • Expertise and experience with AQA A-Level English Literature
  • Expertise and experience with EDEXCEL IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature
  • Expertise and experience with AQA GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature
  • Expertise and experience with EDUQAS GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

My Philosophy of Teaching

I believe in empowering each individual student to fulfil their potential. 

I achieve this through:

  • Structured teaching of explicit points 
  • Explaining the syllabus and Assessment Objectives to the student so they understand what they need to do – you need to know your destination before you set off
  • Facilitating access to the higher grades with proven strategies
  • Teaching students how to manage subject-content effectively 
  • Providing specialist, subject-specific terminology
  • Providing students with guidance for written responses
  • Providing effective strategies for study, including examination techniques and how to proof-read
  • Equipping students with effective tools to become independent learners
  • Teaching students how to revise systematically

My Mission Statement

My aim is to make excellence in English Affordable, Accessible and Achievable for the student, by making my English Tuition available online.

This is a new way to access my services as an English Tutor, which empowers the student to tailor their learning to suit their lifestyle and needs, at their convenience. It is:

Accessible to students worldwide via the internet, on a mobile device, laptop or pc in any location, even when travelling (subject to suitable internet connection). English Tuition when it suits you. My Pre-Recorded Videos will liberate the student’s learning.

Affordable, as a low, monthly subscription costs far less than face-to-face sessions with a private tutor and provides access to hours of Pre-Recorded Videos containing world-class, specialist, English teaching and excellent value.

Achievable through my own DQE Method, structured guidance, manageable length of tutorials, the ability to stop, rewind, pause, fast forward and re-watch as the student requires.