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Core Skills for Writing

About the Core Skills for students of IGCSE and GCSE English Language

The English Language examinations include tests of written skills and these tests are partly to do with ideas, but mostly to do with vocabulary, punctuation, spelling, paragraphing, form and written style. Vocabulary needs to be sophisticated and wide-ranging and a range of punctuation should be included. Words should be spelled correctly and paragraphs must be included. The form can be a formal letter, newspaper article, speech or imaginative writing, for example. Written style includes literary devices, the correct use of grammar and Standard English, not slang or colloquialisms.

The question papers and mark schemes are constructed around Assessment Objectives (AOs). They are what the student is being tested on and marked on in the examinations. All examinations include AOs for written skills and in order to achieve the highest marks, it is essential for the student to know what they are being tested on, so they can answer correctly. Students are only marked for their written skills on tests of Writing, not in the Reading Section.

Students should prepare for all aspects of the writing tests, including broadening their vocabulary and working on spelling, punctuation and paragraphing. Written forms, such as formal letter and speech formats, should be memorised. In the examination, students should plan their written answer, write carefully and legibly and allow time to proof-read at the end of the Writing Section to ensure they have performed to the best of their ability.

The benefits of my Core Skills tutorials for Students of IGCSE and GCSE English Language

These tutorials cover all elements of the Writing Section that the student is required to know for successful completion of the examination. They include a range of written forms, a range of punctuation, how to paragraph and when, how to improve your vocabulary and useful words and phrases for essays and exam answers. This enables the student to answer correctly in order to achieve the highest marks. Support and guidance with revision is also covered, including tips on how to memorise information.

This empowers the student to perform to the best of their ability in both examinations.

Elements included in my Core Skills tutorials for students of IGCSE and GCSE English Language:

  • Imaginative Writing
    Also known as Creative Writing or Composition, this is a demonstration of the student’s ability to write fiction and usually takes the form of a description, story or part of a story.
  • Transactional Writing
    This is a demonstration of the student’s ability to write non-fiction and often takes the form of a speech, formal letter or magazine article.
  • Writing Skills
    In the Writing Section, the student is required to demonstrate their ability to punctuate, paragraph, spell correctly, utilise literary and rhetorical devices as well as a sophisticated vocabulary and appropriate language choices.
  • Revision Skills
    This involves the student’s ability to memorise information for recall in the examination as well as organise their preparation for the examination ahead of time.
  • Exam Techniques
    Guidance is given for preparation in the weeks before the examination, mental and physical preparation as well as examination timings and strategies.

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The following tutorials are also included to provide the student with a complete range of tuition in order to succeed in the examination.

The DQE Method

The DQE Method tutorials help the student with the Reading Section of their examinations. My trade-marked process teaches the student how to analyse the way a text is written and write up their answer in order to gain the the highest marks. 

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