Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive about my services at

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can contact me at [email protected]

Do you mark students' work?

Regrettably, I am unable to offer a marking service at this time.

Do you offer 1 to 1 Tuition?

No. My English Tuition is only available through my pre-recorded video tutorials at

Are your tutorials suitable for students who are home- schooled?

Yes, very much so. I have a number of students who are home-schooled and find my tutorials extremely beneficial. There are, however, certain considerations regarding home-schooled students. I have some guidance for home-schooling here:

Home-schooling Guidance

How to I change my password?

  1. Log into your Student Dashboard and select “Edit Account”
  2. Select “Change Password”
  3. Enter your new password and then confirm your new password in the fields provided.
  4. Select “Save” to change your password.

Does my monthly subscription of £19.99 recur for a set period of time?

Your monthly subscription provides full access to the tutorials for a 30 day period from the day of payment.

The monthly payment will recur automatically on or about the same day each month up until the point you choose to cancel.

When you cancel, access remains in effect up to the end of the 30 day period from the last payment.

What syllabuses do your tutorials currently cover?

  • Edexcel IGCSE English Language Specification A. (Paper 2 anthology tutorials to follow)
  • Edexcel IGCSE English Language Specification B.
  • Cambridge CIE IGCSE English Language (0990 and 0500 syllabus) 2020 – 2022
  • AQA GCSE English Language

The following tutorials are also included in your subscription:

  • “Core Skills for Students of IGCSE and GCSE English” (These are tutorials for students of any syllabus and provide teaching on the skills required to address writing questions on any IGCSE or GCSE English examinations.
  • “Unlocking Texts Using The DQE Method” (These tutorials teach the student my trademarked method of analysing a text and writing up an answer, including the effect on the reader, in order to access the highest grades.)

I've signed up, but why don't I see any tutorials on my Student Dashboard?

This happens rarely, but sometimes occurs if there is an issue with the way your PayPal account is set up.

Issues with PayPal may occur if:
Your PayPal Account has not been verified
Your Paypal Account is not correctly linked to a Bank or Credit/Debit Card.
You have an unresolved account issue with PayPal.

Once your PayPal Account is correctly set up, you can complete the purchase process and gain access to my tutorials.

For further help with PayPal issues, you can visit the following PayPal support page:

Why does my subscription cover syllabuses that I do not need?

It is important that my subscribers have access to all tutorials in order to offer excellent value for money and to cater for differences in circumstance. For example, one household may have students who are studying different syllabuses or sometimes students change school, resulting in a change of syllabus. Also, it can lessen confusion with regard to purchasing the correct syllabus for the student.

Can I make payment by any means other than PayPal?

At this time, PayPal is the only payment option available.

Can I share my tutorials with a friend?

Can I use your tutorials for groups of students?

My Fair Use Policy allows for the household of the subscriber to provide access to members of their household only. You can see my Fair Use Policy here.

What is your “Fair Use Policy"?

  • My “Fair Use Policy” sets out the conditions of use to be adhered to by a subscriber to my video tuition service and is as follows:

    All content of this website, including video tutorials, are copyright of Sarah Egan 2019. Video tutorials purchased by the customer are for the use of the customer’s household only. They are not to be shared by means of allowing other parties not of the customer’s household to have access in any way, including, but not limited to, the sharing of passwords and usernames or allowing other parties not of the customer’s household to view any part of the video tutorials whilst logged in under the customer’s access.

    All rights reserved. No part of this website, including any video tutorial, may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Sarah Egan, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. For permission requests, email Sarah Egan at [email protected]

    Should infringement of this fair use policy become known, access to any tutoring services provided by Sarah Egan will be withdrawn without refund of any monies paid at that point.

Can your tutorials be used by more than one family member?

Yes. A paid subscription permits all members of the household to have access to the video tutorials. Therefore, if there is more than one student in the home, every one can view my tutorials under the one subscription.

What do you mean by a "household"?

A household is the immediate family members of the subscriber, typically who live in the same house as the subscriber (likely to be the parent or guardian).

The English syllabus I need is not available. Will you be producing it soon?

I continually work to produce video tutorials for the main syllabuses. My production schedule for 2020 – 2021 is as follows:

Edexcel GCSE
Eduquas GCSE 
Edexcel (Spec A) IGCSE Paper 2 Anthology

I'm confused about the Edexcel IGCSE Language Specification A as it has poetry on it. Is this a Literature course?

The Edexcel IGCSE Language Specification A has literary texts (5 poems and 5 short stories in the anthology) on Paper 2 which can be taken as an exam or coursework. It is not a Literature exam, even though there are literary texts on the course. There is a separate Edexcel IGCSE Literature course with completely different texts on it.

Edexcel have put together the Language Specification A course that covers tests of reading and tests of writing (comprehension and essays) and they have chosen to use non-fiction on Paper 1 and fiction on Paper 2. This is the first and second part of the anthology. The third part of the anthology comprises 15 poems that are used only for the separate IGCSE Literature course and they do not need to be studied for the Language Specification A course.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. The details of how to cancel your subscription are provided via email when you first sign up. To cancel your subscription, you can do the following:

  1. Go to your “Student Dashboard”
  2. Click the “Orders History” link
  3. Select your subscription and click “View Order”
  4. On the order management screen, click the “Cancel” button
  5. A confirmation message will appear. Confirm the confirmation to cancel your subscription.

What is a specification and how is it different to a syllabus?

Specification simply means syllabus. They are exactly the same thing and are used interchangeably.

How do I access the current Edexcel IGCSE English Language Specification A anthology?

A copy of the anthology can be found here:

What is the difference between the Edexcel IGCSE Language Specification A and Specification B course?

The A syllabus (Specification A) comprises two exams, one of which can be replaced by coursework, and uses an anthology.

The B Specification comprises 1 paper of 3 hours long and does not use an anthology, so you have to find your own resources to prepare for that paper.

Both the A and B Specifications test skills of reading and writing using comprehension and essay style questions.

Both include a test of reading using an unseen passage (an extract from a text or a whole text that has not been prepared before the exam).

It is only on the A Specification that there is an anthology extract which has been prepared before the exam, in addition to an unseen extract.

For more specific details, please see my Edexcel IGCSE tutorials.